Personal Service

Seasoned. Knowledgeable. Networked.

At Scribe, we view business in terms of personal relationships. We subscribe to the notion that People Do Business with People They Know. And we know a lot of people.

Scribe provides personalized advice and counsel to domestic and foreign clients in all aspects of policy-making, strategic business planning, the business development process, and strategic communications – with the singular purpose of delivering business expansion.We are passionate about our service capabilities and our core segments:

Policy and Risk Analysis and Support

Scribe’s principals have years of public-policy experience in both the public and private sectors. Our network of talented and experienced experts excels at navigating the pitfalls of the policy process. We provide comprehensive policy and risk analysis assistance, including assessing the impacts to national security and the associated business climate, from changing political and military situations.

Our expertise makes us particularly well suited for working with corporations and international agencies, helping them relate to the Executive Branch, including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Additionally, because of our long history of work in the Pacific Rim, Africa, India, and the Middle East, we possess the cultural sensitivity and language skills to augment our business expertise and, therefore, add value to our clients.

Strategic Corporate Planning

Scribe Strategies & Advisors offers comprehensive strategic planning and implementation assistance. We provide clients a full range of services, from identifying new areas of investment and business opportunities, to potential mergers and acquisitions, and other means of implementing a strategic growth plan.

Scribe’s experts analyze customer budget trends and priorities, providing an outline of likely future investments and divestments, so clients can take action in a timely manner. We prepare customized and insightful analyses of the trend implications for specific business and market segments, an invaluable resource for clients’ strategic growth needs.

As a next step, where appropriate, Scribe conducts scouting for potential acquisition or partnership targets, identifying and evaluating potential candidates with a specialization on deals involving small to mid-sized firms. We further conduct initial-level due diligence for proposed M&A transactions and strategic alliance partners, ensuring that no major unseen issues are present before more detailed analysis and investigation begins.

Business Development and Marketing

From breaking into new markets, to expanding a company’s share of existing ones, Scribe Strategies can provide assistance identifying new business opportunities and bringing them to fruition. We offer comprehensive consulting services throughout the business development and marketing cycle—from market sizing and competitive intelligence studies, to identification of new opportunities and potential partners for teaming and cooperation.

Scribe’s experienced team of consultants helps our clients identify new opportunities and enter fresh markets to capture sales in the areas of aerospace, defense, and homeland security. Through exhaustive research and years of experience in these areas, Scribe is able to advise clients of new opportunities in time to move before their competitors, and to focus their efforts on the most promising prospects. As a next step, we offer assistance in reaching key decision-makers to ensure success in any business venture pursued.

Strategic Communications

In our Strategic Communications Consulting Practice, we assist clients in tailoring their public message and image, tying their communications strategy to a robust and ongoing implementation approach.

In conducting this strategic communications work, our process is built on robust strategic planning, brand development, and tailored outreach assistance. We provide advice and counsel in every communications arena, including public relations, public affairs, advertising, trade shows, and social media and web presence.

For us, integrated strategic communications planning is critical to your success and starts with preparing a holistic outreach plan. We specialize in developing messaging for complex defense and aviation technologies, translating your value proposition into simple “plain” language shaped for multiple audiences. Then we train your executive team to present your messages in the most compelling way.

Our proprietary and proven brand development methodology explores your brand’s image and articulates a brand identity. We then create powerful corporate or product positioning based on an in-depth knowledge of your target audiences. This process includes a competitive landscape review, market evaluation, and audience delineation, leading to a robust brand strategy on which an effective outreach plan is built.

Our tailored outreach assistance includes creating a domestic US and international communications strategy that generates crisp, clear messaging for your corporation or product, along with specific advice on how, where, and to whom to implement that messaging. Lastly, we leverage a core Scribe strength in building global contacts among media, NGOs, and other opinion leaders to deliver your messages to the right outlets, in the right way, at the right time.

Our specific services offering includes:

  • Integrated PR/media outreach
    • A thorough review of your current corporate and marketing communications programs, objectives and audience – including relevant public opinion and client specific issues research – yields a sharp outreach strategy
  • Message shaping
    • Proprietary tools guide you to clear messaging, tailored for a variety of audience segments
  • Implementation assistance
    • We thrive on leveraging our extensive media and opinion leader relationships to help deliver your messages to relevant target audiences
  • Key contact building
    • Our extensive global media database helps you target the right publications and individual writers at the right time and with the right message that will ensure coverage of your company, product, or issue
  • Editorial and marketing support
    • Writing press materials, ghost writing articles, and drafting speeches, position papers and talking points are all part of our full service support to your editorial efforts
  • Publicity coordination
    • We arrange news conferences, media receptions and deploy social media strategies, helping you manage all media interactions to enhance your visibility

Investor Community Research and Analysis

Scribe offers in-depth research and analysis to institutional investors, providing customized intelligence and analysis for their specific needs. Whether the investor is conducting an in-depth evaluation of a market vertical or exploring the prospects for a specific company, our extensive and substantive understanding of Pentagon affairs and processes provides you with a unique ability to interpret global defense spending, contracting, and industry trends.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Washington-based political intelligence across a wide-range of substantive topics and governmental agencies
  • Market intelligence via tracking the status of current major deals, competitors, budgetary funding, and technology changes in specific verticals
  • Visibility and insight into the opaque areas of the federal budget such as intelligence and defense, including funding, policy, and acquisition decisions
  • Provision of in-depth analysis for specific companies and market niches, including industry trends, funding for key programs, competitive dynamics, and future outlook

At Scribe Strategies, we believe client work should be planned and implemented by senior consultants, not junior staff.