Personalized Advisory. Discreetly Delivered.

Our unique combination of talent, resources, network of consultants, and experience allows us to deliver tailored advice and counsel, providing clients expertise across three practice areas.

Business Relationship Development

Whether seeking strategic alliance partnerships, foreign direct investment opportunities, acquisition targets, or potential buyers both domestic and international, our Business Relationship Practice leverages a far-reaching network of key decision makers to provide our clients strategic guidance.

In one example, an oil-exporting African country asked Scribe to assist in growing its U.S. business opportunities. We developed a plan that included creating alliances with business groups and building relationships amongst government and regulatory bodies in Washington. The result was increased in-country business and solid long-term cross-cultural business partnerships.

Another instance includes a US Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company that retained Scribe to assist its entry into a Middle East country’s power generation market. Scribe helped the EPC analyze and identify the market, assist in developing a local office for the EPC, and hire their capture team. Scribe provided reporting, understanding and introductions to the proper government officials and business executives, who were responsible for $20 billion worth of power generation infrastructure contracts and work.

Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security Consulting

Scribe offers comprehensive strategic consulting services for clients in the aerospace, defense, and homeland security markets. We integrate industry-leading knowledge, with tailored analysis and problem solving, to provide the actionable intelligence – and implementation – you need to drive your business.

For example, in the last two years, we have produced a half a dozen market penetration studies for leading aerospace and defense companies seeking to do business in India. We have also conducted due diligence for a number of major aerospace and defense companies seeking to grow through acquisition.

Strategic Communications

In our Strategic Communications Practice, we focus on brand development, reputation management, and a client’s public image. Beginning with a strategic communications plan, we provide the full scope of advice and counsel, along with expertly tailored implementation.

In one recent instance, Scribe provided a Swedish company with pre- and post-acquisition positioning and messaging advice and counsel. A foreign national company acquiring a U.S.-based defense and aerospace company can be a delicate matter. However, our strategic and tactical approach led to a flood of positive public press, a smooth transition amongst potentially critical Congressional delegations, and a bright outlook in the capital markets.

Investor Community Insight

Scribe’s Investor Practice focuses on providing high-value information, coupled with in-depth analysis, unavailable elsewhere. Our robust government, military and political network uniquely fuels our approach to budget and contracting information, and market intelligence on defense matters.

Moreover, in our approach to political intelligence, we offer analysis and insights for major legislative branch decisions. We understand the policy and appropriations processes and their implications for our investor clients, and provide insight and analysis into all aspects of the political landscape, as well as geopolitical events and trends.

Clients rely on Scribe to help build their business in markets characterized by technically complex information, unfamiliar political dynamics, and obscure programmatic environments, while protecting their business and reputation.